Gulf Oil is a world-class energy operator and brand

Gulf Oil at a glance:


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Gulf Oil is a world-class energy operator and brand

Gulf Oil at a glance:

Gulf Oil is a midstream infrastructure provider.

Gulf Oil is a diverse and growing refined products terminaling, storage, and logistics business and a leading distributor of motor fuels in the United States. We own and operate one of the largest petroleum terminal systems in the Northeast, providing critical infrastructure solutions for the refined products value chain, from when products exit the refinery until they reach the end user. We provide the midstream services that make this possible, including the purchase, storage, and marketing of a wide range of petroleum products to wholesalers, resellers, and commercial customers.

Gulf Oil is a channel for downstream distribution.

From our portfolio of infrastructure assets, we distribute refined products to dealers and distributors who sell product under the Gulf Oil name at more than 1,400 branded locations across 36 states and Puerto Rico. In addition to our strong network of branded outlets, we distribute unbranded products to more than 1,000 customers across 14 states including major private labels and unbranded wholesalers, as well as commercial and industrial customers. Gulf also supplies heating oil, lubricants, and is a major provider of bio-fuels.

Gulf Oil is strategically located across geographies and markets.

Our terminals and infrastructure are located exclusively in the Northeast corridor of the United States, including both marine- and land-based terminals as well as terminals with rail and pipeline access. Our system’s assets are located squarely in the middle of seven of the 10 most populated states in the United States, with a population of more than 55 million and accounting for nearly 20% of the country’s gasoline consumption. Gulf Oil’s network accesses supply hubs in the Gulf Coast, Mid-Continent, and New York Harbor as well as refiners in the North Atlantic Basin.

Gulf Oil is positioned for growth and stability.

We are currently engaged in a number of organic growth projects, aimed at increasing the capacity, reach, and value of our network. These opportunities are driven by being in the right places, partnering with the right customers, and offering high-quality services, experiences, and products. More importantly, our business is built on a foundation of stability and predictability, driven by the demanding nature of the products that we service and provide. Our company has a proven record of customer retention with the majority of our business being fee-based or contracted for 10 years or more.

Gulf Oil is sponsored by a leading energy investor.

In December 2015, Gulf Oil was purchased by ArcLight Capital Partners, LLC, a leading energy investment first focused on energy infrastructure. In April 2015, ArcLight purchased Pyramid LLC, a petroleum pipeline terminals and logistics business with a significant asset presence in Pennsylvania. Driven by a set of highly synergistic operations and geographic footprints, Gulf Oil and Pyramid were combined in 2016 to form the integrated company that Gulf Oil represents today.

Gulf Oil is an emblem of American culture.

The Gulf brand has been a part of American culture since 1901. This brand recognition and reputation has real and meaningful benefits to our business, the customers we serve, and the United States refined products markets overall. The Gulf name and its logo is the sign of one of the world’s most recognized brands. It commands an enviable degree of customer loyalty – and delivers significant benefits for our branded and unbranded sales partners.