Providing vital midstream services
to the refined product market.

Our Terminals segment provides refined product storage
for a diversified set of customers.

We own a network of terminal assets

Our Terminals segment is comprised of a network of 17 refined product terminals strategically located across the PADD I Northeast corridor of the United States. Combined, our terminals represent over 240 tanks with a total storage capacity of nearly 14 million barrels. Our system is geographically diverse, yet concentrated in the strategic Northeast region, including a footprint in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Takeaway and inbound transportation is key, and our assets are well positioned for both with land- and marine-based terminals Gulf Oil’s terminal assets are connected to major refined product pipelines including Laurel, Buckeye, Sunoco, and Colonial Pipelines. Furthermore, our pipeline and barge access points allow Gulf to source product from Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, and all major United States refining markets.

We provide vital storage
and transportation services

We provide vital midstream services to the refined product industry. Gulf charges a per gallon fee to throughput, blend, finish, and/or store refined products on behalf of its customers. We service a wide range of refined products, including gasoline, diesel, and heating oil – all of which are essential to everyday life. Gulf also provides ethanol blending, biodiesel blending, and additives, many of which are required by state or federal regulations, adding a significant level of stability behind the demand for our services. As a result, we are able to form long-lasting relationships with our customers, many of which have been working alongside Gulf for more than two decades.