Gulf Unveils New Consumer Brand Platform 'It All Starts Here'


Gulf Unveils New Consumer Brand Platform 'It All Starts Here'

Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts – June 15, 2021 – Today, Gulf unveiled a new brand platform ‘It All Starts Here’. The platform reinforces Gulf’s dedication to evolving with the ever-changing demands of today’s consumer.

With the new brand platform, Gulf is drawing on over a century of quality, convenience and trust while modernizing elements of its brand iconography, including an update to the famous Gulf disc, a refreshed font and the introduction of new vibrant colors. When approaching from the street, the overall image has shifted to boldly feature orange as the primary color to brighten the lot and present a welcoming look and feel.

“We continue to make significant improvements to our brand offering, ensuring an all-encompassing experience and new ways to keep our customers moving well beyond the pump,” said Chief Marketing Officer of Gulf, Sue Hayden. “This platform focuses on owning a new value, one of being a locally-connected brand that understands how to make the travel experience reliably easy.”

Visually, ‘It All Starts Here’ signals a change for the brand, with a look and feel that conveys friendliness and ease. The branding embodies Gulf’s tradition of customer service, building upon past innovations and appealing to a more diverse consumer base with a much broader set of needs.

“’It All Starts Here’ is a unified, action-oriented message that carries with it an entirely new energy to a cross-generational audience,” says Nikki Fales, director of marketing at Gulf. “People of all ages will connect with the real-life and aspirational elements the new campaign radiates.”

The campaign will feature 30- and 15-second commercial spots airing on connected television throughout the summer driving season. The spots focus on the everyday lives Gulf fuels and demonstrates that opportunities are endless if they begin with a great start.

In addition to the commercial spots, the campaign will deliver messaging through channels at the intersection of today’s busy commuters and families. Advertising will be featured on station signage, billboards, social media and in digital ads on platforms including YouTube, Waze and GasBuddy.

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