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For more than 100 years,
Gulf has been fueling America's motorists.

Today’s engines demand more from the fuels and oils that are put into them. Our entire line of motor fuels – including gasoline, diesel and diesel select, and E-85 – are designed to keep critical engine parts clean and running at peak performance.

Fuel Economy

Gulf is committed to helping you save on fuel. Learn more about ways to save on gas, or give the gift that keeps on giving with a Gulf Gift Card.

Our Fuels

Gulf gasoline contains BASF additives to help keep critical engine parts clean and running at peak performance. Because cleaner engines produce fewer harmful emissions, you are helping to protect the environment by going Gulf!

Other Motor Fuels:


The cleanliness of an engine directly impacts its performance. Sludge, rust, varnish and gum can affect injectors, disrupting the fuel spray and reducing fuel economy. Gulf Dieselect can improve the fuel economy of your engine up to 6.5%.


E-85 is the clearer so